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TagQuestLITE is the try before you buy option. It has all the functionality of TagQuest, but with a limited number of states, provinces, and territories. Here are the differences:
• States: TagQuest: 50, TagQuestLITE: 10
• US District & Territories: TagQuest: 6 , TagQuestLITE: 2
• Canadian Provinces: TagQuest: 10, TagQuestLITE: 2
• Canadian Territories: TagQuest: 3, TagQuestLITE: 1

Give it a spin and if you like it, for a small amount you can have it all.

Road trips change with TagQuest. Instead of "Are we there yet?" your kids or travel mates will be saying things like, "Did you know in Montana in 24 hours the temperature changed 103 degrees?!?" or "In Canada's Northwest Territories there are 11 official Languages?"

TagQuest allows you to track which license plates you've seen for the United States, its territories, and the District of Columbia, and Canada's Provinces and Territories, but it's a lot more. It has the standard information for all the states, territories, and provinces - capital, nickname, state bird, date admitted - you can quiz each other - but also a list of interesting facts including:

The official state heroine in Massachusetts is Deborah Sampson who fought in the Revolutionary War disguised as a man.
Alabama is the only place in the world where all three components of steel making: iron ore, coal, and limestone, can be found within a 30 mile radius.
There is a farm in Minnesota that uses cow manure to produce enough methane gas to make electricity for the whole farm and 70 other houses.

You're sure to learn something about the state, province, or territory you live in.

TagQuest also has links to additional information on the web - the list of state birds and additional information for each state, territory, and province. It keeps a count of how many plates you have seen and how many are still to be found. It also keeps track of when you recorded your sighting of a plate. And at any point you can email the list of plates you've seen to keep a permanent record when you saw them all.

So for less than the cost of a latte you could be tracking license plates right now!

NOTE: Do not operate the application while driving. Have a passenger do it or record the tags seen the next time you pull over.