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Steam HX

iPhone / iPad
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  • Education
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The ultimate Industrial Steam Property calculator available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Steam HX lets you easily calculate all the thermodynamic properties of water accurately and more efficient than using steam tables.

Use Steam HX for engineering field calculations, to help you learn to read Steam Tables, or to practice for the engineering FE/PE exams.


1. SI (Metric) and IP (English) unit systems supported. Toggle between SI and IP calculations without loosing results.

2. Input properties (8 independent interfaces)

• Saturation Pressure
• Saturation Temperature
• Pressure & Temperature
• Pressure & Specific Entropy
• Pressure & Specific Enthalpy
• Pressure & Specific Volume
• Pressure & Quality
• Temperature & Quality

3. Calculated properties:

• Specific Volume
• Specific Internal Energy
• Specific Enthalpy
• Specific Entropy
• Quality
• Temperature
• Pressure

• Saturation properties

4. Compressed / Subcooled, Saturated, & Superheated regions are identified after calculations.

5. Multiple pressure & temperature SI units options: bar, MPa, kPa,C, and K. IP uses Psi and F.

6. Fun animated flip views let you switch between SI and IP unit systems. Perform & display calculations in SI & IP units almost simultaneously.

7. Thermodynamic region-5 correlations valid up to 500 bars (7,251 Psi) and 2,273 K (3,631 F.) High pressure and temperature capabilities are essential for modern Turbomachinery analysis.

8. Latest mathematical correlations for steam regions 1 through 5 based on IAPWS-IF97 (with 2007 update) adopted standards.

9. In-program user’s guide and simple user interface.