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Effortless Relationships 1 iCoach Love 101

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This application is designed to help you have and enjoy effortless relationships. It is the second in the series and lays the groundwork for more advanced classes.

Unless you know you have the keys to absolute Effortless Relationships within you right now, you – like many others – will go searching outside of yourself for the way to achieve Effortless Relationships and to have a joyful life. As Bijan says, “It is like walking everywhere or relying on the bus or someone else to give you a ride – working and struggling, searching for a way to make money to buy a car – while playing with your garage keys but forgetting that you already have a new car locked inside.” Bijan invites you to be open to receive the gift of remembering who you really are – the gift of the keys to your own Effortless Relationship.

This seminar is more than your relationship with your significant other. It is also about your relationship with your family, relatives, neighbors, co-workers and most importantly with yourself. During this seminar you will learn about:

• How to find the right person to date
• How to find your soulmate
• How to know for sure if someone is your soulmate
• How to give up resentment
• How to give up past stories and dramas
• How to stay above the line with everyone
• How to open yourself for effortless relationships
• How to change the direction of your conversations
• How to tell what works and what doesn’t in relationships
• How to create peace in all your relationships
• How to allow so you can have peace of mind

This seminar is taught by iCoach Bijan, who is a three-time Mr Universe winner, internationally known author, healer, personal coach, speaker and visionary. He is the founder and president of Effortless Prosperity. Bijan lectures in the fields of health, relationships, spirituality, leadership and the principles of Effortless Living.