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***** 電子書工具 3.5.1 同時支援 iPad *******

更新版支援好讀uPDB格式和iTunes USB傳檔


"電子書工具" 帶給你全新的閱讀感受. 這也是一個支援直排中文顯示的閱讀器. 你也可建立屬於自己的圖書館和自選喜愛的封面.



- 全螢幕模式
- 直排中文顯示
- 可隨意選擇字體大小,顏色和背景
- 自選封面
- 書籤和快速搜尋
- 從PC滙入圖書

本軟件並非好讀網站所研發,與好讀網站無任何關係, 如有任何查詢和需要支援請聯繫


答:方法一:進入圖書館,按《新增》,按《從網上下載》,進入好讀網站,點選書籍的《下載》連結開始下載。方法二:進入圖書館,按《新增》,按《從 PC 滙入》,滙入的URL會顯示在畫面上。在PC在開啟瀏覽器,鍵入URL。圖書館顯示在瀏覽器上,選擇已下載到PC的書籍再按滙入便可。


Download and read hundreds of high quality traditional chinese version fictions and e-books and enjoy reading using this most elegantly designed e-book reader.
Touch eBook brings you a revolutionary reading experience and supports vertical chinese layout. You can also build your own library and select the book cover you like.

Feature highlights:

- Fullscreen mode
- Vertical chinese layout
- Customizable font size, color and background
- Easy library management
- Selectable book covers
- Bookmark and Fast searching
- Import book from PC

This software is not a product of and have no relationship with Please contact for question and support.


Q: Which format does it support?
A: This software supports the ebook format from "". It supports downloading ebooks directly from and importing previously downloaded eBooks from PC. Ebooks can also be created from the mPDB software downloaded from

Q: How to add other books?
A: Method 1: Go to the "Library" screen, tap "Add", tap "Download from Web". The website "" will be shown. Browse the ebooks from the site, tap "下載" to download the ebook. Method 2: On your PC (or Mac), go to and download the ebook (filename.pdb) your want. On your iPhone, launch "電子書工具", go to the "Library" screen, tap "Add", tap "Import from PC", the address of URL will be shown. Connet your PC (or Mac) browser to the address. Upload the pdb file you just downloaded.

Q: How to bring up the toolbar?
A: In the reading screen, tap the center of the screen to bring up the toolbar.