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3D Keyboard

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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„3D Keyboard“ – a completly new dimension to write texts effectively. „3D Keyboard“ has 10 additional buttons that you can assign freely. There are 4 different levels that you can select by key stroke or – very handy! – by simply tilting the device left, right, up or down. Tap numbers, special characters and text snippets you need often without leaving the alphabetic keyboard or keeping keys pressed while waiting for additional chars to appear.

Try out how efficient and intuitive it is to be able to access numbers and special characters and your own text blocks with a simple swing of your hand.

Thanks to the new Cut & Paste feature of OS 3.0 you can easily take over your written words in a text message, e-mail, note or other texts. The text can be pasted into the clipboard automatically every time you exit the „3D Keyboard“ application.

Use 4 key levels, each with 2 x 10 different, freely assignable text blocks or special characters. Merge frequently used chars from different keyboard levels. Letters or numbers? – From now on you can use letters AND numbers on the same level... Define text elements that can even include line breaks.

The number of characters is displayed – very handy if you want to write a text message and minimze costs by recognizing the 160-character limit.

You already have missed cursor keys while writing? Finally, you can move the cursor immediately to the beginning, the end, the previous or the next character by a single tap.

If desired, you can disable the automatic rotation of the keyboard – sometimes you just might want to write on edge, lying on the side...

– Tilt device to select level.
– Save as many texts as you like.
– Last used text will be loaded automatically.
– Disable the keyboard rotation on demand.
– Cursor keys (Pos 1, Left, Right, End).
– Text length is shown.
– Tooltips to display longer text blocks.
– Choice of font, size, text and background color.
– Training mode to determine the proper angles for you.
– 4 levels, each with 10 keys and 2 x 10 free texts.
– For each key define standard and Shift text plus keycap.
– Inclination angle (-90° to +90°) adjustable for each level.

Due to the limitations of the operating system the keyboard cannot be changed „globally“. Copy texts into other applications using cut & paste – optionally 3D Keyboard does this job automatically when you exit the application.

After loading the application, the 4 levels are already initialized sensible. Tilting the device to the left gives access to often used characters. By tilting forward symbols appear. Tilting to the right will allow to use the 10 digits – so switching back and forth by pressing an additional button is no longer needed. Re-tilting switches back to the menu level.

After activating the training mode the current angle is shown. This makes it easier for you to find the perfect angle for each tilting direction to meet your personal needs. If you find the click after the tilt annoying you can disable it.

On this level the 9 keys (one is reserved for showing the length) have the following meanings:
– 1: Hide keyboard. Shift key: Level 1.
– 2: Load text. Shift key: Level 2.
– 3. Save text. Shift key: Level 3.
– 4: Settings. Shift key: Level 4.
– 5: Switching the rotation: Portrait only, Landscape only, Automatic.
– 6–9: Four cursor keys: Pos 1, Left, Right, End.

If you get into the habit to write your texts with „3D Keyboard“ and paste them into other applications, then you save time and gain convenience – tilting instead of typing!