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Mahjong Fishing

iPhone / iPad
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Bored with the lengthy slow-paced traditional Mahjong game? Want to play Mahjong but do not have the time to do a complete game? Try Mahjong Fishing.

Mahjong Fishing, unlike a complete traditional Mahjong game, is an exciting fishing game for collecting tiles which generate the highest possible special bonuses.

Mahjong Fishing is played by 2 players. Each player is dealt 12 tiles, from a deck of 64 tiles. The fish pond has 16 'fish' tiles faced up for the players to catch from. Identical tiles and tiles which add up to 10 are able to match each other. When one tile acts as the bait, it can catch other tiles which match. Each player takes turn to pick a bait tile from their hand, and uses it to catch a fish tile from the pond. The goal of the game is to collect a better harvest than your opponent from the fish pond. Extra points are added when the 'fishes' caught can form special bonus triplets commonly defined in Mahjong. Special bonuses are given for a collection of all triplets of the four wind tiles, all triplets of the three dragon tiles, all 1 to 9 character tiles, 2 to 4 consecutive triplets of character tiles, etc. Detailed rules are described inside the game.

Decide on the strategy to prioritize catching a fish from the pond. Aim at getting special bonuses while stopping the opponent from doing so.

If you like Mahjong the traditional game, you will also like Mahjong Fishing.

Play this ancient game on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Enjoy the game!

Note: You can playback your own background music from your iTunes music library before running this game. You will hear your own music while playing this game!