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MyTronome is a pattern-based metronome that has a precise sound engine, with tempos ranging from quarter notes at 15 bpm to sixteenth notes at 300 bpm (really, 1200 bpm!). It features a unique Measure page that allows you to customize a pattern with any number of beats. Each beat has its own volume control and can toggle between two different selectable sounds. You can create patterns in odd time signatures, clave patterns, patterns with accents, and patterns that just sound more musical because of the ability to change the dynamics of each beat.

Another unique feature offered in MyTronome is the On / Off function. MyTronome will play the number of measures you specify ON, then will silently keep time for the number of measures you specify OFF. The idea is that playing with a metronome is a great way to learn to play along with a steady beat, but it may not help you develop a steady internal beat yourself. You can practice, for example, with 3 measures on and 1 measure off - the metronome will help you keep time for 3 measures, but you will have to keep time yourself for the 4th measure. If that's not challenging enough, try practicing whole phrases - 4 measures on, 4 measures off - or maybe a 12 bar blues on, then a 12 bar blues off. If you're not interested in this feature, simply set the number of measures off to 0, and MyTronome will behave like a normal pattern-based metronome.

MyTronome features an array of great sounds, with short click or snap sounds, longer shaker and tambourine sounds, and drum sounds.

MyTronome also features the ability to save presets with a variety of selectable parameters. You can save the tempo, the on / off count, the measure pattern, the sounds used, or any combination of these parameters. So, you can have a "120 bpm, 4 on 4 off" preset, or a "7/8 shakers" preset, or a "247 bpm, 3 on 1 off, 4/4, Cowbells" preset.

Created by a musician for musicians, this is an app that will not only keep steady time, it will help you develop a better, more solid sense of time. Stay tuned for
updates and more great, useful music apps in the future.