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Maya Date

iPhone / iPad
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The ancient Mayans wrote with beautiful hieroglyphics, and represented their dates in several different, elegant calendars at the same time. Now you can create your own monument based on those ancient carvings, representing any date you like: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or any day that has meaning to you.

Maya Date lets you create a monument for any day from 3100 BC to 99,000 AD. You can easily email your monument to friends or family right from the front page. The email contains a link to a web page that tells them how to read their date in Mayan, and how the Mayan calendars work.

Maya Date's monuments show your chosen day in four distinct Mayan calendars appearing next to one another, just as the Mayans themselves wrote them.

Maya Date was written from the ground up to be a great iPhone experience. The graphics were created exclusively for this application and designed to look beautiful on the iPhone. The program uses a custom internal calendar that gives it unsurpassed accuracy. Maya Date's Info page offers you clear descriptions of each of the Mayan calendar systems, and the graphics that go into your monument. And it presents you the option of displaying six digits from the Mayan Long Count, all of which are needed to correctly display dates after rollover on December 21, 2012.

If you want to explore different theories for the starting date of the Mayan Calendar, you can choose one of the traditional starting dates, or enter your own. The accurate, internal calendar system makes all the necessary adjustments for you automatically.

Celebrate special events, birthdays, anniversaries, or just any day that means something to you, from the past, present, or future, with a unique record of the day: a Mayan monument.


- All-original artwork that looks beautiful on your iPhone
- Select days with Gregorian or Mayan calendars
- Built-in email for sending your Mayan date monuments to friends!
- Displays 6-digit Long Counts, necessary for dates after December 2012
- Clear display of the graphics and text of all 4 calendars
- Complete, easy-to-understand documentation
- Choose any day for Day 0 of the Mayan Long Count
- Unlike many other calendars, Maya Date is accurate from 4000 BC to 99,000 AD