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Touch the Music (Violin-Chinese Style Edition)

iPhone / iPad
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Touch the Music, a daring experiment from Powerise Interactive, is a game based around the simplest of simple mechanics: collecting the colorful shapes that appear then the music plays!

The task in Touch the Music is very simple: use your finger to grabbing the shapes that pour forth from a rotating white line. Green/blue shapes are worth points. Yellow shapes increase your point multiplier and make your orb grow larger ("Yellow shapes are good!" the game yelps at you during the nearly unnecessary prologue). Red shapes cut your multiplier in half ("Red shapes are bad!") and shrink you back down. Purple shapes are the Holy Grail—they temporarily grant you a vortex that sucks in all the good shapes and gives your score a massive injection. Your goal is to pull down the highest point total you can within the game's four-minute life span.

The gameplay is like listening to music. Having to avoid the red shape ambushes is a bit of a stretch, maybe, but the rest of the metaphor is fine. Really great music forces you pay attention, to follow the thread of mood, to surf. If you move through the music skillfully, you gradually swell up—with emotion in real life, with mass in the game—even more so if you can anticipate where the composition is going next. Perhaps the red shapes represent a loss of concentration, the way you can lose your grip on a song and work to re-attach yourself.


* Two Modes: Normal Model and Free Mode;
* Five Songs: Treasure night, Spring, Madrigal, Summer Night, The Butterfly Lovers;
* Four Shapes:Music、Sky、Flower、Abstract;
* Five Patterns: In & Out、Fixed、Straight、Radar、Spiral;
* Five Motions: Right、Left、Wave、Breathe、Fixed;


Touch the Music was developed by Powerise Interactive. Check out Powerise's other games, including World War and Backgammon Classic!