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iSolidMech is an easy to use App written for Engineers, Students, or others that have a need to know the internal and external forces acting on various beam configurations subjected to commonly applied loads. As the static formulas for beam forces and reactions can become quite complicated with certain boundary and loading conditions, iSolidMech has compiled the necessary mathematics into one easily usable program App for your iPhone or iPod.

The user simply chooses the beam support conditions of interest from a predetermined list, and then chooses a predetermined loading condition such as Concentrated, Uniform, Triangular, or Sinusoidal. After entering the magnitude and location of the loads, the beam’s length, and the beam’s material properties (i.e. Young Modulus, Moment of Inertia), the external support reactions, internal shear and bending moments, deflections, and rotations are computed and displayed at User-determined locations along the beam. Additionally, the Shear, Moment, and Deflection diagrams are plotted. These diagrams allow the User to move a cursor to various locations on these graphs and view the values of the shear, moment, and deflections graphically.

Supported beam types:
2 Equal Spans, Continuous Beam

Loading Types:
-Uniformly distributed (for cantilever, simply-supported, fixed-fixed, & fixed-supported, & 2 equal continuous spans).
-Partial Uniform (for simply-supported)
-Concentrated (Point) loads (for cantilever, simply-supported, fixed-fixed, & fixed-supported).
-Triangular load distribution ((for cantilever & simply-supported)
- Combined loadings (combined uniform, triangular, & point) for cantilever and simply supported beams.

Other Features:
The formulas used in the calculations are not dependent upon any specific units (US or SI). The User must be consistent in their units, however, and should have a basic knowledge of the principals of statics. The current version uses only constant cross-section beams that behave according to linearly elastic beam theory and small deflections.

This program is not intended to be used as a professional analysis tool, only as a guide. As with any analysis software, you need to review the validity of the input and output. iSolidMech is ideal for students, engineers, or others when there is a need to know the internal forces and support reactions acting on selected beams from commonly applied loads. As this iSolidMech is a work in progress, please feel free to send suggestions to