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This application consists of Duas relevant to your daily and occasional activities. These Duas are very powerful and healing, and they were practiced by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) during his life time. Read these Duas with faith and by the will of Allah you will receive his blessings in every aspect of your life.

★★★★★ FEATURED DUAS ★★★★★

★ Dua for safe guarding oneself against all types of diseases
★ Dua in case of an unfortunate incident
★ Dua when in anger
★ Dua before studying
★ Dua when giving Zakat
★ Dua when visiting an ill person
★ Dua after having a bad dream
★ Dua when leaving home
★ Dua upon reaching home

And many other Duas.

This application consists of a superb user friendly design and also a "FAVORITES" section to which you can add your favorite Duas.


This application is uploaded for a good cause and in good faith. We have collected this material from authentic sources. We have also tried to be as accurate as possible and to avoid mistakes. Please do feel free to send us your comments and feedback if you have any objections. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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