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Map and Land Navigation

iPhone / iPad
  • Reference
  • Navigation
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The Map and Land Navigation app is the U.S. Army’s official training guide to map reading, determining location, and navigating and includes over 600 pages of great content.

Learn how to:
* Use a compass
* Read maps
* Determine distance
* Understand terrain
* Use map symbols
* Gain usable celestial navigation skills
* Read aerial photographs
* Fold maps
* Understand Global Positioning System (GPS)
* Orienteer

Compass and map: no batteries. GPS: batteries. Batteries can die. Make sure you know how to use a compass and map. It could be a life and death decision.

Army produced complete, clear, and thorough guide to map reading and navigation available and we’ve brought it to the iPhone.

About ClearCut
Map and Land Navigation is powered by ClearCut. ClearCut is a smartphone publishing platform and visual reference information reader that presents content tailored for the iPhone and iPod Touch. ClearCut’s user interface is clean, simple and unobtrusive to enhance and facilitate the user’s interaction with the content.

In addition, ClearCut allows readers to use their fingers to flip through pages, pinch to resize text and images. Tap the center of the screen to access table of contents, search and bookmarks.

ClearCut is connected to a publishing system that enables content to be quickly and efficiently converted into an app and published on the iTunes App Store.

ClearCut delivers the next generation ebook and publishing system.