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This game is for elite gamers (and people that like monsters).

Hi! Do you hate monsters?
Me either.  But slaying them in a video game is entertaining and that’s what DieMonstersDie! is all about.  You see, Transylvania is a peaceful place - at least it was until recently. Towns all over the region are being overrun by irritable monsters and nobody knows why. What they do know is they can't fight them off alone. In comes Wolfgang - monster hunter extraordinaire. He doesn't hate monsters either, but he has seen this thing before and he knows just how to handle it...through superior firepower!

You control Wolfgang in his quest to stop the monster onslaught. Rip them apart with a chainsaw, flambe them with a flamethrower and blow them up with mayhem guided missiles all in the comfort of your salty palm. Upgrade your weapons, your health and even add regeneration to your arsenal as the monster parade never cedes.  If that doesn’t whet your whistle, take advantage of the “RAGE button to unleash a devastating spurt of extra power.  Don’t just blindly abuse it though hot stuff – there’s always something waiting, watching and ready to avenge the deaths of the lesser minions.  You’ll need everything you’ve got to survive…even then you won’t.

DieMonstersDie! can be as fun or as difficult as you wish to make it. Play on easy mode if you want to sit back and blast some baddies or to unlock achievements quicker. Play Medium or Hard to challenge yourself and to show your buddies and the world that you dominate.

-2 Control Schemes (Options)
Slider or Tilt for weapon angle
-5 Upgradeable Weapons (Pause Menu)
Chainsaw, Uzi, Flamethrower, Guided Rocket Launcher, Laser Gun
-3 Upgradeable Abilities (Pause Menu)
Rage Button, Higher Max Health, Health Regeneration
-3 Difficulty Levels With Online Leaderboards
----Easy, Medium, Hard
----Each Leaderboard has Global, Friends and Personal views
-Special Unlockable Gold Edition Weapons
----Each weapon has a Gold Edition to show off how good you are.
-Multiple Bosses
----Each boss is angrier, scarier and stronger than the last
-Unlimited And Dynamic Gameplay
----Each wave of monsters is randomly generated so you never know what's coming
-Pause At Any Time
----Pause the game at any time to purchase upgrades or to take a break
-Save And Resume Game
----After you defeat a boss, the game will automatically pause and let you save your progress.
----You can resume a saved game any time you play.
-User Options
----Turn on/off Music, Sound Effects and Blood/Fire effects
-Unlimited Ammo
----Don't worry about managing your ammo, just worry about surviving

*OpenFeint Integration - Including Twitter and Facebook!
-12 Unlockable Achievements that add to your Gamerscore
----Weapon Achievements, Rage Achievement, Gold Weapon Achievements, more
-View and compare your scores and achievements with others, including your friends
-Twitter And Facebook Integration
----Post your Achievements and High Scores to Twitter and/or Facebook if you wish
-Connect with other players
----Other top selling games use OpenFeint. You can see who is playing what game.

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