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trAnelli Lite

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Arcade
  • Puzzle
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Three rings each containing eighteen objects give a total of 48. Confused? That is just the beginning of the challenge!

Start with the 48 objects of different colors distributed randomly throughout the three rings. Rotate any of the rings one position at a time in either direction to rearrange the objects. The aim is to rearrange the objects to match the target solution, which can be easily viewed at any time while playing.

Sounds simple right? Not quite... every ring has four of its objects in common with the other two rings meaning that rotating one ring will always affect the objects in the other two. So rise to the challenge and keep your brain at the top of its game!

trAnelli is a game of careful strategy and thinking. There is no timer so no cause for hurry. If you leave the game in the middle of a level you will find the game in exactly the same state when you return so you can pick it up and play whenever you have a spare moment. The only goal is to complete the level so you can take as long as you like and as many moves as you want!

trAnelli Lite has two levels and two themes. Purchase trAnelli and get seven levels and seven stunning graphical themes to keep things even more interesting. The levels start off nice and easy and gradually increase in difficulty, but since the objects are shuffled differently, every time you start a level the challenge is different! The themes change the background graphics as well as the objects in the rings.

More levels and themes will be released as updates in the future.

Have fun!