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Hindu Rituals and Practices - Why do we follow them?

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Hindu Rituals and Practices - Why do we follow them?

Hindu mythology is the large body of traditional narratives related to Hinduism, notably as contained in Sanskrit literature, such as the Sanskrit epics and the Puranas. As such, it is a subset of Indian mythology. Many Indians believe that these narratives are sacred and that they communicate profound truths.

This iPhone Reference Guide will help you to understand basic Rituals & Practices that are followed by all Hindus

Why do we…….
- Why do we light a lamp?
- Why do we have a prayer room?
- Why do we do Namaste?
- Why do we prostrate before parents and elders?
- Why do we wear marks (tilak, pottu and the like) on the forehead?
- Why do we not touch papers, books and people with the feet?
- To touch another with the feet is considered an act of misdemeanor. Why is this so?
- Why do we apply the holy ash?
- Why do offer food to the Lord before eating it?
- Why do we fast?
- Why do we do pradakshina (circumambulate)?
- Why is pradakshina done only in a clockwise manner?
- Why do we regard trees and plants as sacred?
- Why do we ring the bell in a temple?
- Why do we worship the kalasha?
- Why do we consider the lotus as special?
- Why do we worship tulasi?
- Why do we blow the conch?
- Why do we say shaanti thrice?
- Why do we offer a coconut?
- Why do we chant Om?
- Why do we do aarati?