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俗话说:种瓜得瓜, 种豆得豆。而我们认为,只要你能将勤奋和策略完美地结合起来,就有可能超越这个规律!往日那种只靠辛勤耕耘的种植方式早已一去不复返了,现在到了生产最优化的时代。




- 30个关卡需要攻克
- 6+9种产品可以出售
- 3款有趣的小游戏

People say: you reap what you sow. We say: not necessarily, not if you combine both strategy and hard working together. The good old days of planting your farm, taking care of your crops and harvesting your  efforts have gone, it's the era of optimizing your yields.

Should you plant just one crop?  or perhaps a few different crops?   Put your thinking cap on and consider how you will store and ship your harvest.  FarmLand rewards players who beat the clock, harvest, process  and sell the most valuable farm products in the market.  High scores  and big money at the market await players who optimize the trade-offs  between your yields, your barn, and your transportation.

Rich graphics and fun little games will make the farming experience enjoyable and addictive.

Once you have mastered farming on the prairie, new FarmLand "episodes"  are on the way for you to enjoy.  Grow grapes in the mountains and  then try out farming in the coastal climate where you will face new  strategic problems and more fun games.

- Over 30 levels to beat

- 6+9 farm product to sell

- 3 little fun games to earn credits