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Golf Coach

iPhone / iPad
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Golf Coach- A revolutionary golf training aid, will help you develop and perfect your golf swing through instantaneous feedback. Focusing on core swing fundamentals such as head movement, body rotation, and acceleration, Golf Coach will take your game to the next level. For the first time, you can self correct your swing, all by positioning your iPhone or iPod Touch on your body in order to capture and measure key golf swing motions.

Simply select the mode you wish to monitor, whether it be head movement (spine angle), shoulder turn, or putting acceleration. Modes are compatible on all devices.

Use settings buttons within the modes to select pre-determined goals for range of motion as well as options for sounds you wish to hear to let you know if you have accomplished your goal.

For head movement, a key to the swing, your accepted motion will be limited to a pre-determined range, as all players, no matter what the level, should focus on maintaining the same spine angle and a level head throughout the swing. For a right-handed player, simply clip the iPhone or iPod Touch to the right side of a cap or visor. For a left-handed player, simply clip the device to the left side of a cap or visor.

For putting, you will need to accelerate your leading arm toward the target in order to set off the sound and thus avoid hitting inconsistent putts.

And for shoulder turn, you will have the ability to set approximate numbers corresponding to degree of turn to know if you have rotated correctly on the backswing.

After easily establishing appropriate settings, simply take your address position and tap the image on the screen to start countdown. When countdown ends, go ahead and make your swing and listen for the sound to find out if you've accomplished your pre-set swing goal.

Finally, there is a method that allows you to self correct and an app that enables you to know the difference between "feel and real" in the golf swing. Golf Coach requires accessories such as an arm band and belt clip. Possible arm band manufacturers include ZCover, Belkin, Marware, and Incase. Possible belt clip manufacturers include Incase, Contour, and iSkin.

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