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CurlBook - Curling Coaching Stats

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CurlBook is the world's best curling coaching software for collecting statistics on your players and teams. It is used at the highest levels of the sport, by Curling Canada and other national programs around the world.

CurlBook is the best looking curling software in the world, and also the easiest to use. Truly, zero (0) CurlBook customers have reported having to gouge their eyes out after using it. Not all software can claim that level of excellence! As if that weren't enough, CurlBook is also the most economical iOS coaching software. It's wins all-around.

CurlBook is a high-performance curling coaching tool at your fingertips. It enables you to track teams & players across multiple games and events; scoring shots by percentage, shot-type, shot-turn, and miss-type. Shot tracking also allows coaches and players to visually review the game shot-by-shot, with accurate drawings of the entire game (or specific critical situations) that can be reviewed with the team.

CurlBook has pioneered the use of miss-type scoring. Coaches can track every aspect of how a player or team errs on a specific part of the shot (i.e. thrower weight), and which way they tend to miss (i.e. heavy/light). Teams can then review how they tend to make mistakes, and make corrections. This type of data collection can fundamentally change the way your team prepares.

CurlBook's miss-type scoring will track:

- Thrower line (in/out)
- Thrower weight (heavy/light)
- Sweeping weight (too much/little)
- Sweeping line (too much/little)
- Broom placement (too much/little ice)
- Strategy call (Exceptional, questionable, quite questionable)
- Thrower tolerance (good/bad)
- Brooming tolerance (good/bad)
- Mission-critical shots (performance under pressure)

Do you know your skip mis-brooms the second 20% of the time? Or that 90% of those instances is too little ice? This kind of data can be invaluable, and tells you far more than the second playing 67% for the game.

CurlBook will create detailed email reports of games, so you can keep your players informed of their progress throughout the season. Additionally, CurlBook exports data in an Excel-compatible format.

CurlBook allows you to keep notes on every aspect of a curling game, including individual players, teams, clubs, sheets, and specific shots. You even have a full rock-book for tracking stones at any club or arena.

For more information, or answers to any/all questions, follow @CurlBook on Twitter, visit, and do not hesitate to email