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Dream Signs

iPhone / iPad
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Learn to have lucid dreams!

This app shows short hints, tips, reminders, tests and thought experiments all designed to help you become lucid.

The hints and tips are in these categories:
- Dream Sign: something to look for in your environment or recent memory that could be a clue that you're dreaming.
- Dream Tip: a tip for improving your chances of lucid dreaming
- Dream Action: an action to perform to see if you're dreaming (something that usually works in a dream but not in waking reality, or vice-versa)
- Dream To-Do: suggestions of what to do when you're lucid. It helps to have an idea in mind that you can try as soon as you notice you're dreaming

Touch or shake for a random sign/action/tip to help you gain lucidity.

Pro version (available via $0.99 USD in-app upgrade):
An in-app upgrade lets you use this app as a periodic state tester. Push (iOS3) and local (iOS4 only) notifications allow you to remind yourself to see if you are dreaming. Notifications can be requested from once a day to once an hour. Choose from several notification sounds and several messages (or create your own message.)

Why more than one sounds? If you get used to doing a reality check when you get the notification, when you hear the sound in your dream, it may help you to notice you are dreaming.

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