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The Icoach Mentor (Mobile Coaching) is the first approach to bring coaching and mentoring into Iphone/Ipod Touch devices. It includes a personality test based on Big Five Theory , motivational quotes chosen by psychologists and related to the user´s personality style, and a self-regulation behavior screen.

Psychometric Tests can show some interesting information about a person´s personality. This is the reason why it is very common the companies use them in recruitment and headhunting.

The test included doesn´t pretend to be a professional test but allows you to have some information about your personality traits.

It is made up of 20 statements in which you have to evaluate your level of agreement with the sentence. 1 means you completely disagree and 5 means you completely agree. You needn´t go to the extremes, you can also choose the middle options.

You can fill out three different questionnaires. This way you can make the most inviting your friends to do the test and getting some information about their personality you couldn´t before.

It is based on the famous and very commonly used by psychologists model called “Big Five”. This model is a conclusion reached in a Symposium in 1981 by four personality psychology researchers (John M. Digman, Lewis Goldberg, , Andrew Comrey and Naomi Takemoto-Chock).

They reviewed all the personality tests available in those times and concluded there were 5 common factors measured in all of them:

-Extraversion: It refers to how assertive and Energetic you are.
-Tenacity: How organized, focused and timely achiever of your goals you are.
-Agreeableness: It alludes to your behavior while dealing with others.
-Emotional Stability: How nervous, unstable and vulnerable to negative emotionality you are.
-Openness to change: The way you accept new thoughts, ideas and changes.

Your Score lets you obtain a description of your personality based on these 5 factors.

You only have to click on one of the Icons and you´ll get the information about the Factor related to it.

A team of psychologists have selected and categorized lots of quotes for each Style of personality. Every time you switch on your device and click on the corresponding icon, you´ll receive a motivational quote chosen specially for your type of personality.

Take advantage of it!, the application lets you set 5 goals and self-regulate your level of achievement. You can edit and change your goals whenever you want.

You can delete all the scores and restart the application as many times as you want.