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Ah Ha Discovery Deck

iPhone / iPad
  • Productivity
  • Education
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Attention everyone with a creative and inventive mind, this is the ultimate tool for creative thinking. Welcome to the Ah Ha! Discovery Deck!

The Ah Ha! Discovery Deck is a unique virtual deck of 60 cards that stimulates creative thinking, inspires inventiveness and promotes exploration and discovery. It was developed 10 years ago, by John Cronin and the distinguished ipCapital Group which developed the Ah Ha! Discovery Deck to help real inventors solve their real-world problems. It has helped create many inventions in almost every technology field there is.

Designed for: Educators, Inventors, Businesspeople, Writers, Students, and anyone that wants to expand their ability to think creatively and inventively .

Each card has a unique title as a common direction you will appreciate. Like “Borrow Ideas” or ”Apply Your Background”. Each card has a simple well-researched story designed to be able to be read at a grade student level but also powerful enough to relate to a CEO of a large company (simple stories are always powerful). Finally, each card relates the title and the story to a question in order to challenge you with what you’re doing.

Explore mode is a simple “flip through the cards” mode where you can quickly go through the entire deck, read all the stories and link these to strong visual pictures to remember them by.

In Teachers Mode, an educator can scroll through the titles to find the “common direction” they want to use in an assignment for the days class. Then once the card is viewed and selected, the educator can send the card, with an assignment challenge to themselves or others, where a structured assignment form is e-mailed, with the colorful graphics, in PDF format to be printed for the class immediately. This allows the educator to create an instant, high-quality, fun assignment using a creative helper with basic real-world inspiring stories.

In Idea Mode, anyone who is getting stuck (or wants to have fun) can use the cards in a much more personal way. These cards are broken down in four basic categories, which will assist you in whether you are dealing with (a) the Invention Process itself (how to invent), or (b) Personal Motivation (how to have the motivation to make changes), or (c) How to get started on the process of inventing or creating originally or (d) personal experiences where you can see how experiences changed the situations of others. First you pick a category, then by entering a key word or area of interest (Your Challenge), the search algorithm finds the right card for you (you will be amazed at how relevant it is). Once the card is chosen for you, you will then be asked to relate this card to your Challenge and fill in ideas that resulted. This can then be emailed to you or another person for storing and using later, complete with the challenge, the card, and your idea.

In Management Mode, you have the ability once again to choose the title by “common direction” but once you find the right card for the right situation, you can mail the card to others with your rationale as to why the card might help, inspire, or teach others. This is truly a unique way of getting the message across and spicing up direction to your teams.

In Inspire Me mode you can set your device to give you a random card at pre-assigned times to help jog your creative process. It can be interesting that a random jog from a different direction at any point or time can make you have a more fun and creative day, then you can apply the cards for any reason at any time.

Finally, there is Historical Mode, because we realized by using these cards with inventions from the wheel to the invention of the computer, you may want to find what a common interest is by time. You can motivate yourselves based on what happened from 6000 BC to today.