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Bungo Uroca

iPhone / iPad
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Learning addition with the Bungo Uroca™ game is like playing Bingo, but with a twist. You draw three cards, select two to add, and then touch a square on the board with the matching number. You may not draw again unless a matching square (for one of the combinations) is covered or no matches are possible. The game ends when five marks form a line (in any direction). Complete a horizontal row for a Bungo™ win, a vertical column for an Uroca™ win, or a diagonal or crossed lines for a Bungo Uroca win.

Counting marks on the cards help younger children until they start to memorize the answers. While targeted for grades 1 to 2, older children (and more than a few children at heart) enjoy the strategic challenge of attempting to get a Bungo Uroca win. And a very few lucky individuals may manage to get a combination of both diagonals, a column, and a row all crossing at the center of the board.

By presenting three cards, the you typically have two or three possible combinations of two cards. Thus, the game helps hone math skills by evaluating multiple possibilities, including the chance that none of the answers may be available on the board. If you miss one combination and none of the others are available on the board, new cards may not be drawn -- if you attempt to draw, you will be notified by an "uh-oh" sound.

At the end of the game, you can shake the phone to get bongo sounds for a Bungo win, maraca sounds for an Uroca win, or both for a Bungo Uroca win.

You may configure multiple named players and the state of unfinished games for each will be preserved until the next opportunity to play.


A slightly technical footnote: the numbers on the board are assigned using the normal distribution of the cards in play. This helps prevent frustrating problems where too many very high or very low totals appear, slowing the pace of the game.

Bungo, Uroca, and Bungo Uroca are trademarks of Bradley Kliewer.