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PeeeM is an Anonymous Social Messenger that allows you to connect one-to-one or by group around shared interests, causes or locations. Hundreds of thousands of our users have securely shared their PeeeM ID on Twitter or Facebook.

Here is the missing space in PeeeM : "Shout"

Shout is a way to grow communities around ideas and yet remain anonymous.

Shout is a place where you can launch any subject in front of everyone. All PeeeM users have access to it and can write comments on it. You Shout to PeeeM world your thoughts on any subject.

PeeeM Shout is a way for people to communicate anonymously without hiding. It enables anonymous messenging users to connect broadly, but privately, on social media.

Now you can add people in your contact list directly from Shout and still on social networks.

Why use PeeeM?

It is the only social platform where you can remain anonymous and still stay in contact with people you meet, thanks to it being a Messenger based around an ID.
You don’t need to be a hashtag professional to find your center of interests and users in the same location. No personal information are required to continue your conversations in private, just add the user you want to talk to one-on-one from Shout and talk in the messenger.

Again, PeeeM is unique in the way you interact with other users. Up to you to remain anonymous or not, the choice is yours! No need to give your phone number or email address.

When your topics of interests are dead, stay in contact with people you met.

Anonymous & secure : Built around your own private ID you can remain anonymous if you so desire. Even groups can remain private and you can share the group’s ID on any social network. Due to our technology we do not store your personal data or files transferred and you do not need to share your phone number.

File transfer : Send files of ANY size and ANY format by peer-to-peer to your contacts quickly and safely from device to device.

To make this even better it is FREE and there are no ads unlike most other messaging apps.

PeeeM Social Chat features :
. Shout, to broadcast your thoughts, ideas, and interests to the PeeeM community.
· Notification center to help you keep in touch with everyone
· Group Chat which can be public or private group and all have a unique ID. Publicly chat with others about your sports team, the music you like, your favorite brands
· Broadcast the same private message to all your contacts
· Anonymous VoiP, you can now call someone without being identified
· Search to easily find your contacts and Category to classify contacts
· File transfer send files of any size, device to device, securely and anonymously