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Poker Playbook Lite

iPhone / iPad
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We all love a good neighborhood poker game, but do you ever get tired of playing the same old games? Get Poker Playbook Lite and energize your next game with the most complete collection of poker game rules you'll find anywhere!

NOTE: Poker Playbook Lite is a compendium of poker game rules. It IS NOT an interactive poker game itself, but it will help bring some excitement to your next neighborhood poker game. Please read the full product description before purchasing.

Poker Playbook Lite is a full featured version of Poker Playbook, but with a reduced subset of the Poker Game Library. Poker Playbook Lite includes detailed rules for 15 unique games, while Poker Playbook includes detailed rules for 100 unique games. Each game includes a detailed description of the game rules and information on the maximum number of players. Plus, each game includes step by step dealer instructions so there's never a question of how to play the game.

Our new interface provides options for sorting alphabetically, by game type (eg. Draw, Stud, etc), or by game rating. You can also filter the list by game type or search for specific words/phrases to find the exact game you're looking for.

The Game Rating option gives you the ability to rate each game on a scale of 1 to 5 poker chips. When you want to jump to your favorites, just sort by rating and you'll have your preferred games grouped together for you. Or, take a chance with our Random Game selection option to see what you should play next.

I'm sure your neighborhood group plays several of these games already. You may even have your own rule variations. That's why we provide an option to edit the rule descriptions for any of the games in the Playbook.

Poker Playbook also includes a table of the standard poker hand rankings, an index of general poker rules based on Robert's Rules of Poker, and access to an internet based poker glossary.

Download Poker Playbook today and bring some excitement to your poker game tonight!

Poker Playbook Lite includes the following 15 games:

♥ Baseball ♠ Blind Baseball ♦ California Lowball ♦ Crazy Pineapple Poker ♣ Dr. Pepper ♥ Elevator ♥ Follow the Queen ♠ Four - Three ♥ High Chicago ♠ Iron Cross ♥ Omaha ♥ Razz ♠ Seven / Twenty-seven ♠ Texas Hold'Em ♦ Thirteen / Thirty-three

Or, step up to the full version of Poker Playbook and enjoy the complete 100 game library. There are so many games, that iTunes wouldn't allow us to list them all here. But we invite you to visit our Poker Playbook app page to see the complete list.