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A System or Network Administrators best friend!

NetData is a simple tool for querying several network services on your iPhone or iPod Touch. NetData gives the user the ability to query Whois domain registration databases, DNS records, and execute ICMP ping on a given host or domain name. NetData provides a simple yet elegant user interface to allow the user to quickly visualize the results of each query type.


The Whois query allows the user to determine ownership and/or availability of a given domain name. Phone numbers, hostnames and email addresses are automatically highlighted and hyperlinked. This allows a user to quickly surf to a linked page in Safari. It also allows a user to quickly contact an administrative, billing or technical entity directly by email or telephone. The Whois query user interface takes advantage of iPhone OS 5.0 allowing the user to copy and paste information from query results from NetData to any other iPhone OS 5.0 application.


NetData implements a simple ICMP (ECHO_REQUEST/ECHO_REPLY) client. Given a hostname or IP address NetData will provide results of a ICMP ping query in a simple list view. Each list entry will indicate the sequence number of the reply from the host. It will also indicate the user the IP address of the target host and response time in milliseconds.


The DNS query reports several important pieces of information about a given host. Given a hostname NetData will determine the official name for the host, along with any aliases. NetData will provide all known IP addresses for the host. It will also provide MX records (with priorities) for any mail exchangers for a given host or domain. NetData will also notify the user of whether or not the answer from DNS was authoritative or not. All of this information is presented to user in a standard table view allowing the user to quickly find the information they need.

NetData's DNS query is also able to do reverse, or hostname to IP address, lookups.


NetData now includes a traceroute (UDP) query. Trace your packets journey through your network or the Internet. NetData provides three UDP probes per hop to allow you assess your latency to each hop in a familiar format.

New in Version 2.0.0, after your traceroute query completes you will be able to view an animated view of your packets trip through the network. Tap on a pin to reveal the IP address and city for the given hop.


NetData keeps an eye on the your iPhone's network connections and will notify you when you lose connectivity. If you lose connectivity with both your WAN and Wifi connection, you will be presented with an alert notifying you of the change. This will allow you to save some time when successful queries are not possible.

NetData was designed for iPhone OS 4.0 or higher.