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RadioRadar Lite

iPhone / iPad
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IMPORTANT! THIS APPLICATION IS NOT A RADIO TUNER. YOU CANNOT LISTEN TO THE STATIONS THROUGH THIS APP. It just helps you find the local station frequencies so that you can quickly tune your radio to the kind of station you want.

I travel all over the United States for my job, and I wanted an application that would tell me the local radio stations based on my location. Then, I would not have to waste time searching for stations in my rental car, and waiting through commercials to see what kind of station it is.

I did not find any other application that worked like I wanted, so I decided to build one myself.

RadioRadar Lite will use your current location (or a city location that you set), and it will display radio stations whose towers are nearby (within the range you specify).

You can filter the results by station format so, for example, you can easily find a sports station, or a Christian stations, or a jazz station.

All the radio tower information comes from a local database, so you don't have to wait for an online search. As a bonus, you can get a tower map showing you where the towers are, and you can select a tower and go straight to the FCC information webpage for that station.

To see all the local stations, check out the full version of RadioRadar in the App Store.

* Offline database for fast and reliable searches
* Automatically use your location or pick a city
* Identifies national networks: NPR, KLOVE, Air1 and Fox Sports
* Choose to filter results from several station formats
* Choose maximum distance to search for radio towers
* See relative signal strengths to easily choose the best stations
* Get a map view with tower locations annotated
* Get detailed station and tower information with a focused map view
* Tap on a tower annotation and you can choose to be taken directly to the FCC detailed information page for the selected station

The station signal strength bars are only an approximation, based on the station's broadcast power and your distance to the tower. Terrain elements such as mountains will affect your actual signal strength.

This version only contains radio station information for stations in the United States.