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Belief in Dooms Day is one of the fundamental principles of almost every religion in the world and it is that time when every human being will be judged for their deeds. Although it is not known to any human being as to when the final hour will approach, however certain events are going to take place prior to the coming of the final hour. These events are known as the Signs of Dooms Day (Qiyamah).

All the Prophets informed their people of the signs of the final hour. The Prophet Muhammed Peace and blessings be upon him, being the last and the seal of Prophets, knowing that Doomsday is to come upon this very ummah, explained clearly and in considerable detail the signs of the final hour to the extent that sometimes he (Peace and blessings be upon him) would lecture his companions all day on this subject.

This application contains information about the signs of the day of judgement (Qiyamah or Dooms Day) according to Islam. A description of each sign, and how it will occur is included in the application. This application will give you great knowledge about the final hour.