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Hard Puzzle

iPhone / iPad
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               (...and we do mean difficult!)

Visit us at for more info, including clues about the mysterious solution to...

                   HARD PUZZLE!


-Pattern-based solution with 17th century origins
-Plays Goldberg Variation No. 1 by J.S. Bach while solving
-Specifically optimized for SPEED with < 10 millisecond button response time
-Correct solution is rewarded with a special Congratulatory Email from the creators of Hard Puzzle
-Integrated Leaderboard with week/month/all-time standings

               CAN YOU SOLVE IT?!

To wit;

EXPERIENCE Hard Puzzle in three distinct phases;

1) ENDEAVOR! to find a solution to change all the O's to X's!  At first there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the solution, but after some experimentation, a pattern begins to emerge!  DON'T GIVE UP!  Follow your instincts to finish the puzzle (CAN YOU SOLVE IT!?), and receive a ***special congratulatory email*** from the creators of Hard Puzzle!  By George you've DONE IT!  YOU'VE SOLVED HARD PUZZLE!  Commence boasting to your friends...

2) THRILL! to the strains of an ***ancient melody*** that may be heard playing with EACH CORRECT MOVE of Hard Puzzle!  Begin to appreciate the soothing, almost meditative properties of the elegant solution, while solving Hard Puzzle once again...  Your fingers start to know where to go, as if by themselves!  Keep at it, become one with Hard Puzzle!  You are training your brain...  preparing it for the true challenge to come next...  and that challenge is...

3) SPEED!  Begin solving Hard Puzzle for a fast time!  ***Share your best time with other puzzlers the world over, from Macon to Macau!!!*** using the integrated Leaderboard feature, including weekly, monthly and ALL TIME categories.  Appreciate Hard Puzzle's unique layout specifically calibrated for ***fast solutions*** on iPhone and iPod Touch...  Become a "speedsolver!" on the Hardest (and may we say Fastest!?) puzzle available on the App Store!

Can you beat the best time posted by the creators of Hard Puzzle!?  We think it will be very...  very...  hard!