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a. How good are you in simple maths like 2 + 2 = 4? Good? Can you prove it? We will offer you two simple quantities like 4 and (2 + 2). You will only have to tell if the left side is greater than, or equal to, or less than, the right side.

Sounds easy, right? Well, you will have to answer 10 – 15 such questions in a minute, and the real challenge is in answering quickly. The better score you make, the harder becomes your questions. Come, hop in, and experience this simple yet challenging math skills game.

Skills involved
a. Elementary maths, quick calculation and quick decision making. You need to use simple calculations like add, subtract, divide and multiply. Based on your calculations, you will have to decide. The quicker you are, the more you score.

Who is it for
a. It is for anyone: kids, students, parents, professionals, aged persons. Engaging in quick-and-simple maths will improve your skills in various aspects: maths (that one is obvious), decision making, critical thinking, analytical ability and so on.

By using Math School regularly for only few minutes a day, you will experience the progress yourself: you will be able to think more clearly.

5. Instructions
a. Each problem will have two sides. For example, the left side can be “4 + 3” and the right side can be “6”. There will be three buttons for answer:
i. Greater Than ii. Equal To iii. Less Than

b. Now, we see that in our particular question, the left side is 4 + 3, or 7. The right side is 6. 7 is clearly greater than 6. So, our answer will be “The left side is greater than the right side”, and the correct choice will be the “Greater Than” button.

c. Similarly, if the left side is smaller than the right, the correct choice will be the “Less Than” button. If both sides are equal, the correct choice will be “Equal” button.

d. You can take as much time as you need to answer one question. However, remember that the time will be running out.

e. After you choose one answer out of the three, you will be showed a green tick mark if you were right, or a red cross mark if you are wrong. At the same time, you will be showed the next question.

f. You have to answer as many questions as you can in one minute.

Levels and Stages
a. There are ten grades in the Math School. You have to start from Grade One. After you pass Grade One, Grade Two will be unlocked.

b. As you clearly understand, questions will be harder in higher grades. Also, as you continue making correct answers in any grade, you will face harder questions.

c. There is a pass mark for each grade. You need to score more than this to go to next grade.

d. You can play in any grades that you have passed. However, you can not play a grade (for example, Grade 8) unless you have passed the previous grade (in this example, Grade 7).

Scoring policy
a. Generally, each question will have 10 points for correct answer. However, harder questions will have more points, and higher grade questions will have more points than lower grade questions.

Lite Version
The lite version has all the features of the full version, except that it will show occasional advertisements.