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Living as Musician

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A person who has the musical skills necessary to play one or more instruments may have the desire to become a professional musician or work in a related field. The intent of this manual is to give you an insight into how you can achieve those goals and subsequently earn a comfortable living.

One of the most important factors to consider when entering into any new field is to determine if there is a need for the service that you are providing. Whatever you attempt has to be marketable in order to make a profit. You perform by providing entertainment, and in exchange receive money for your services. If you can do this on a regular basis, you can become successful. If you are unable for one reason or another, you will not.

Your market will include, but not be limited to a person, group of people, or organization that requires a specific service, for example music. Marketing that product means simply preparing your product (music) and making it available to the consumer. A rock and roll club needs rock bands, Branson, Mo., needs country and easy listening, and Las Vegas needs production numbers with style.

The person going to a concert wants to be entertained, the bar owner wants a high gate as his cover charge helps to pay you, and the bride wants her wedding to be a hit and also memorable.

If you can follow these simple principles when you are out trying to book appearances for your musical enterprises, you will find work. The degree with