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Warp Fighter

iPhone / iPad
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  • Arcade
  • Simulation
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Warp Fighter is a aerial dog fight game through time in different ages from first world war 1 until a futuristic UFO to fight air to air with them.
In the 3rd century of the earth’s life the human became a confederation and the industry pollution was the major problem , this caused a collapsing of the entire temperature system that create holes on the ozone , the solar shadow make a chain reaction that create an overlapping of ages between the old and the new worlds.
Old and new country start to be face to face with different cultures and war concept was never forgiven , so each country of this different parallel world decide to race against each other creating the warp fighter challenge.
Scope of the challenging is to beat all the other airplanes and survive to this one to many air combat game
This game is dedicated to enthusiasts of ’80 shoot’em up game is a remix of the old time pilot game with a new completely renovated sound and graphics plus more weapons for a full nice extended game.

Please checkout the video on:

Features of the game:

• New challenging graphics , over 20 planes with 360 degrees rotation.
• Accelerometer and touch controls
• Auto fire and manual fire with different type of shooting
• Radar to intercept enemies
• Altimeter for Hi/Low altitude.
• Electronic Super Bombs
• 10 different major big monster at the end of each level
• Kamikaze and parachute power up for life, energy or super bomb.
• Turbulence mode