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Due to its references to alcoholic content, Apple classifies this app as 17+. However, since the application is sponsored by HORNITOS® TEQUILA, by downloading it you state that you 21 years of age or older.


Horntos® iMischieve can turn an average night into a night to remember.

Hornitos® iMischieve should be played with a group of three or more who are not afraid of having some mischievous fun. Just shake and roll the mischieve die and your question or task will be revealed. Get ready to expose the truth with tons of scandalous questions and walk on the wild side with many daring challenges.

Mischieve Examples:

“Who from this game would you kiss/date/marry?”

“Describe your most mischievous romantic encounter?”

“Tell a secret about a co-worker to the group.”

“Call an ex on speaker phone.”

“Lick the forehead of a player.”

With customizable options, like “write your own mischieves”
Hornitos® iMischeve is just as wild as you are. This game has no winners or losers, and will only end when the neighbors complain.

Let the games begin and Always Mischieve Responsibly.