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FEEL BETTER NOW and rewire your brain for prosperity. If you want financial freedom, you have to first free your mind of thoughts of lack and limitation. Get rid of worry and anxiety which contracts your energy and destroys possibilities. Let iPROSPER open you up. The instant you flip a thought from negative to positive, you magnetize yourself for wealth.


iProsper short-circuits the negative, defeated thoughts you’ve been running. When the old pessimistic habits creep in, e.g. when you’re paying bills, stop what you’re doing and flip through iProsper. Get in a prosperous frame of mind and feel the tension drain away. YOU CREATE YOUR LIFE WITH YOUR THOUGHTS.


Based on the popular Fl!p Your Thinking® flash card decks, the concept is simple and the benefits are immediate. The first card will always be gray (with a closed eye). Flip it to the awakened thought which is in color. As you flip a card back and forth, notice how you feel. Which thought do you choose?

Affirmations can only take you so far. If your subconscious is running a pattern that is contrary to what you are affirming, you’ll get nowhere. Your hope becomes overridden by your doubt. But after working with iProsper, and repeatedly choosing to lose the negativity and replace it with a better thought, a shift begins to happen. Doubt weakens, confidence and positivity grows, and soon money is once again flowing into your life.


iProsper is for anyone who is experiencing money issues. Financial freedom is a feeling that there is always enough, and that feeling is rooted in our perceptions and beliefs. It’s not about the money. Multi-millionaires can suffer money anxiety just as much as the person who has bills stacked on the desk. To alleviate this anxiety, we must retrain the brain. Flash cards are a proven learning technology, and requires practice. Like learning a foreign language, becoming a world-class athlete or musician, the more you practice, the more your brain becomes programmed for success.

Some sample feedback from our Fl!p Your Thinking testimonials:

“Perfect support when you need to make a life change. Thank you. This is inspirational.”

“I was INSTANTLY helped! I really had/have a lot of the ‘gray’ thoughts and I just LOVE the brighter, ’more energy’, thought! They really are VERY POWERFUL!"

“These cards saved my life one night…”

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