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FliteKit - Pilot multitool

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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FliteKit is a great new tool for both professional and private pilots. It includes many useful tools, more to follow in free future updates.

This is a musthave tool that all pilots will use everyday once tasted the goodies.

The tools in detail:

Wind limits:
This tool calculates not only head-, cross- and tailwindcomponent for you. It also shows them in a very intuitive graphical display.
Enter your tail - and crosswind limits for dry and wet runway.

Now you may change winddirection and -speed by simply moving 2 sliders. This way you can very quickly determine how much stronger the wind may get or how far it may turn to exceed your limits. Once a limit is exceeded, a warning appeares and the reading turns red.

Airports codes:
Look up over 9000 airports from all over the world. Convenient handover of that airport to the big sister app "Airports Plus", if installed.

Fuel check:
Nobody really needs this tool. Because a fuel check on the OFP is done simple and easy. But once you get used to working with it, you don't want to miss it.

You may enter Tripfuel, alternate fuel and taxifuel just once per trip, and then change the fuel readings in the second line each time you check your fuel. Simple and easy to get an overview of your fuel situation and get warned if consumtion is high or a fuel leak is possible.

This tool consists of 3 parts. Enter your limits such as max Takeoff- and landingweight to make it work with your type of airplane.

2 legs:
You may very easily figure out if fueling for 2 legs is possible and find out how much blockfuel you need and how much extra you may still carry - or not.

Max Tankering:
What's the max fuel I can carry on this specific flight? Am I limited by TOW or LAW?

A converter tool to figure out fuel uplift in liters for a specific Blockfuel in Kg, considering your remaining fuel in the tanks and APU use on ground.
This also works with both Kg and pounds, as well as Liters, gallons UK and US.
A density slider lets you see the effect on fuel volume as temperature/density changes.

It is not recommended to use FMC predictions under non-normal configuration, e.g. with gear or flaps not retracted. Determine your remaining endurance in time and distance using current fuel remaining, fuelflow and groundspeed.

Met / Runway Reports:
easily decode 8 digits MOTNE.
Snowtam lookup also available.

Get weather information for any world airport quick and easy.

Time Calc:
use this convenient calculator to add up your total flight hours in your pilot's log - or use it for any other type of time addition or subtraction.Features memory buttons and undo.

Gradient converter:
convert gradient to angle, get the required rate for your groundspeed and calculate your altitude gain/loss over mileage