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Archmage Defense Sp.

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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In App Purchase: Gryphon's Fury is now available

iTune reviews(U.S.)

"Awesome game! Very, very addicting!"

"Good stuff! I haven't stopped playing for 45 mins."

"Great cartoon graphics. Intuitive controls. Fun animations. Reminds me of a cross between Knights Onrush and the lightning zap power in Pocket God! Worth every penny!!!"

Archmage Defense is a castle defense game with three game modes - easy, normal and hard.

You control a skeleton wizard who is in charge of protecting the skull tower from human invasion. With each human kill of enemy warriors, you gain soul points which can be used to research for new spells or repair your tower.

To send your enemies to their deaths, touch the skull tower and drag a line towards the enemies to send a lightning towards them so that they will be electrified before they reach the skull tower.

Your mana bar will increase similarly like your soul points when the number of enemies you killed increases. However,if more enemies hit on the skull tower, the health bar of the tower will decrease to a point it will be destroyed to ground. Your mission is to prevent that from happening!

After you killed all the enemies on the level, you are given a resting time where you can either upgrade your existing spells or research new spells. You can also exchange all your soul points to repair your skull tower.

Spells to research or upgrade:

- Mana capacity - this is the ability to cast your spells. If you run out of mana, you cannot cast any more spells and your tower will be in danger.

- Chain lightning damage - you can increase your damage of this spell to greater heights.

- Hellfire - a fire from the hell that will burn your enemies to ashes. It works by drawing a circle over the affected area on the screen. The hellfire will ignite and set enemies within the chosen area on fire.

- Frozen Touch - this spell will freeze your enemies and you can increase the duration for which they are frozen to delay time.

It works by double tapping the enemies to freeze them. After being frozen, the enemies cannot move or attack the skull tower.

Addition character to summon:

- Skeleton Archer - He will attack enemies automatically without you touching the screen. You can increase his level in the game to make him stronger by redeeming your soul points to upgrade his level.

The game includes online scoreboard, evil skeleton laughter and lightning special effects which gives you an immense gaming experience.


- Lightning, Fire and Ice 3 different school of spells
- fully support touchscreen control
- easy and simple gameplay
- 3 different difficulty to choose from
- unlimited round
- online world ranking
- brilliant spell effects and sounds.
- In App Access to iPod Library
- Added In-app purchase item: Gryphon's Fury

Gryphon's Fury included:

- 3 addition save slot
- 2 new spells to learn: Summon Golem and Earthquake
- 3 new enemies: Knight, Gryphon and Wizard
- Enable weather feature. The weather will affect spells effects.
- New appearance for Skull Castle

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