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SwipeSpeed I - The Drag Racing Game for Fast Fingers

iPhone / iPad
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SwipeSpeed I

SwipeSpeed I is the Exciting New Drag Race and reflex testing game for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

The object of SwipeSpeed is to use your finger to move your dragster race car down the track as fast as you can – by using the iPhone “swipe gesture”.

SwipeSpeed’s “drag strip” is a scaled-down version of a quarter-mile drag racing track; complete with a high-performance (finger-powered) drag racer and starting lights that work just like the “Tree” at a real drag strip.

Multiple Players can take turns by entering a new player name for each player. - Challenge your friends to see who is the fastest SwipeSpeeder.

When SwipeSpeed starts, two “pre-stage” lights at the top of the light tree are on. Place your fastest finger on your colour-customized race car and the “staged” lights turn on, starting the countdown. A series of 3 amber lights will flash followed by a green light. Once the green light turns on, you must “swipe” or move your race car down the track and cross the finish line as fast as you can. Don’t start too soon or the red “fault” light turns on and you are disqualified. Don’t crash into the side of the track, or you will be disqualified. Don't take your finger off your race car during the race or you will be disqualified.

Once your race car crosses the finish line, SwipeSpeed will calculate your race car’s Scale Equivalent Speed (SES) in Miles Per hour (MPH) or if you prefer, in Kilometres Per Hour (KPH).

Depending on your average speed during each race, SwipeSpeed will rank your performance and display one of a number of animations.

SwipeSpeed will also keep track of the top 10 drag racers and their race times.

• Scaled down 1/4 mile track
• Race Performance Statistics Display Screen (Top 10)
• Game Options Setup Screen
• SwipeSpeed Theme Music
• Race car sound effects
• Entertaining Animations