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DirtyWord - The Best Charades Party Game for Adults With A Dirty Mind

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***Great for Dinner Parties, Women’s Night Out, Frat Parties, Adult Get-Togethers, Hangouts In the Dorm, and Uncomfortable Games with Grandma***

DirtyWord is the perfect game for those who enjoy party games like Cards Against Humanity™ and Heads Up™ but want to take it to the naughty place. Learn new phrases and things you've never dreamed of hearing, much less seen acted out. You'll be blue in the face laughing at some of the funniest hardcore terms and slang out there.

Included are just about every way you can talk about genitalia, farts, vomiting and masturbation. Start planning on how to act out such terms as "Bearded clam", "Purple Headed Womb Broom" or "One Cheek Sneak". Take your slang to a whole new level!

DirtyWord is the next evolution for the game of charades or Guesstures™. DirtyWord is great for any occasion since up to SIX (6) teams can play - great for a party! DirtyWord contains hundreds of words and simple phrases in 5 levels of difficulty.

Want to really turn on the heat?! Include a LIGHTNING ROUND in your game where players try to act out as many words as they can in 90 seconds. Be careful though – pass a term and lose points!

Best of all, you only need ONE(1) device to get the game started! Don't waste time setting up cards, timers, pieces, game boards and more. People will lose interest by the time you're ready to play!

With DirtyWord installed, all you need is just your iPhone!! DirtyWord is great for that spur of the moment when everyone wants to play something awesome and hilarious. Buy it TODAY to have on hand so you don't miss your opportunity!

Don’t feel like acting out words – DRAW them instead! Use DirtyWord as a word generator for impromptu games of Pictionary™.

Without a doubt, DirtyWord is sure to enliven any get-together!

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