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No Freakin' Way

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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No Freakin’ Way

"No Freakin' Way" by Carl Andrews has been in the top 100 Entertainment Apps on iTunes in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa, Qatar, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Finland and more.

Freak people out every time! Someone thinks of "Any Card" in the deck. Your iPhone scans their finger and runs through the deck finding the card they were thinking of.

No voice activation, they do not have to name a card out loud. They could write down a card on paper or pull out any card from a real deck of cards with everything in their hands, and it really can be ANY card.

You can now customize the screens using your own!

What makes "No Freakin' Way" the most amazing and deceptive iPhone card trick on the market?

1. Everything is done openly, right in front of the audience.
2. There's nothing on the screen to hide -- from even the most observant viewer.
3. A simple swipe and all the dirty work is done without the audience suspecting, let alone detecting anything.

The magic happens with your iPhone in the spectator's hand. People who experience this miracle will shriek, "NO FREAKIN' WAY!!!

The Effect:
Freak people out every time! Someone names any playing card. You then turn on your iPhone and hand it to the spectator. Ask them to start the “No Freakin’ Way” App. The app will ask them to place their finger on the screen. The iPhone begins to scan their finger with graphics, sound and vibration. Next the iPhone runs through a deck of cards on screen and stops on the card the spectator had named. No Freakin’ Way!

This trick is very easy to do, any playing card can be named and although it looks as if you do nothing, you are in complete control.

Both text and video instructions

Carl R Andrews, Inc.

Review From Magic New Zealand Weekly E-Newsletter
by Nick Lewin (Professional Magician, Las Vegas)

I want to alert you to the very best iPhone/iTouch App on the market. It is so sweet that I can’t imagine anyone wanting to be without it. It was developed by Carl Andrews and is called ‘No Freakin’ Way.’ It is the cleanest, easiest ‘any card’ app you will ever find.

Carl is the inventor of another of my favorite apps, his “Sixth Cents” and “Coin Scan” are also favorites of mine. Hey for 7 bucks you can buy them all. What a deal!

Do yourself a favor though if you own an iPhone/iTouch (and in my humble opinion anyone who doesn’t is nuts!) spend that $2:99 on Carl’s ‘No Freakin’ Way’ and you have an amazing trick, a perfect out and the hippest bit of digital magic in the App Store!
Review From
New to the iPhone card trick market is an app that’ll leave people saying No Freakin’ Way!

No Freakin’ Way cleverly disguises itself in plain view of your audience, so the onlooker is mystified as to what’s really going on in front of them. As far as they know you’ve told them that you’ve got an iPhone app called No Freakin’ Way that’ll pull whatever card they choose just by reading their body’s energy. If they choose the 4 of clubs and then press their thumb on the screen, the app vibrates, puts on a show, flips through the deck of cards, and shows the 4 of clubs. It’s only natural that people’s first reaction is to say NO FREAKIN’ WAY!

The app works well, and definitely confuses even the most observant onlooker.

No Freakin’ Way is worth checking out.