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iSamurai: Critical Strike Lite

iPhone / iPad
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Featured by Apple in iTunes STAFF FAVORITES and Games WHAT'S HOT!


Your iPhone is your sword! iSamurai takes the game off the screen and into the real world!

UPGRADE to iSamurai: Critical Strike, for real life sword fights with your friends over Bluetooth - so you can fight ANYWHERE! Includes two more characters to duel in single-player mode, the Warrior and the Samurai!


"...the concept is great and really is fun to use with a friend."

"...this isn't just about sword sounds, this is about using a virtual sword to create a real combat game." -

"iSamurai is a crazy two-player app that recreates real Samurai sword fighting without the flesh wounds or ritual disembowelment." -

"Toy Kite software released their first iPhone game at the iPhone Launch Party last night. The game is called iSamurai and offers players the chance to finally swing their iPhones like swords."
"A unique iPhone game that can be surprisingly fun." -


"iSamura really takes gaming to a whole new level! Coolest game I've played in a long time and worth all the money!" - Mikey:) - August 27, 2010

"iSamurai Developers, This is an awesome game. I played at the airport with a friend and drew quite a crowd. An old lady asked "is that the Wii for the iPhone?" J M

"I deeply enjoyed this application since I have a deep love of kendo." A.S.

"This is the coolest game in the world:D i love it." Nikolaj N.

"Thank you very much for the perfect game!" David H.

"I just got this game and I am already addicted to the single player mode." C.F.

"The game is just plainly awesome!" R.C.

"iSamurai has got to be one of the best iPhone games yet-- you guys did an amazing job!" Patrick

"I was stage-swordfighting myself a few years ago (mainly fully armored medieval knight combat with longsword) and really enjoyed your app (and the new movie! :)). It's amazing how you used the iPhone's limited motion detection to create a fun swordplay experience. All thumbs up! Thanks again for this app!" Alexander O.

"What a great game. Never seen anything like it on any platform. I'm telling everyone. Can't wait for my first in-person duel. Bound to be the biggest game for blind people in history I'd imagine. ... Can't wait to see where you go from here. Awesome stuff." J.D.


You swing your iPhone in a overhead attack, but your opponent holds his iPhone up to block and you hear the sounds of clanging swords. Suddenly, your opponent thrusts; you try to block but aren’t fast enough—a cry rings out—your opponent scored a hit. Quickly, you swing from left to right. Success! Your opponent’s cries out, acknowledging the hit.


- Single-player game provides two different computer opponents to fight against.
- Uses the iPhone’s accelerometers to determine different sword motions.
- "Critical Strike" power-up for devastating damage.
- A tutorial shows each of the possible attacks using animations, and matching blocks are shown.
- A "dojo" training room is provided for practicing the different attacks and blocks.
- The iPhones keep track of the "battle" as it progresses and show the final scores and winner or loser images.
- Art of war quotes by legendary warriors.


- After installing iSamurai, power down and restart both devices.
- Not compatible with iPod touch 1st generation.

- For left hand play, see the tips on our web site.

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