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PresTo-Do: the Presto To-Do app for Productive People

PresTo-Do offers a fast, efficient, simple, elegant, functional, and fun To-Do list. Use PresTo-Do to jot down ideas, lists, tasks, or any other text. Enjoy the focus on getting your ideas down –– add a new To-Do with a single tap!

What it is:
PresTo-Do is a To-Do list that lets you focus on your tasks with an intuitive interface and unprecedented speed.

√ Store hundreds of tasks
√ Unlimited categories with customizable names, colors, and ordering
√ Checkboxes to mark completed tasks
√ Mark tasks with a priority, 1-5, High to Low
√ TurboLaunch mode for the power user (details below)
√ QuickNumber shows the number of tasks on the Home Screen icon of PresTo-Do (details below)
√ Customize text font, size, and color
√ Tasks can be automatically sorted by category or priority
√ Two ways to delete unwanted To-Dos
• Swipe-to-delete an individual To-Do
• Tap the trash button to tidy up, removing all
completed To-Dos
√ Send your task list in a beautifully formatted e-mail
√ Engineered for maximum performance

TurboLaunch adds a new To-Do every time you open PresTo-Do. You can start typing as soon as PresTo-Do loads. Use this feature if you want maximum speed and usually want to add To-Dos first thing. Don't need the new To-Do? No problem! Just tap "Done" and the blank entry is instantly removed.

See how many urgent To-Dos you have from your Home Screen. With QuickNumber activated, the PresTo-Do icon displays the number of unchecked To-Dos with highest priority in your list.

2 Methods of Adding a To-Do
TAP "+" to add a new To-Do. TYPE your To-Do, then TAP "Done" on the keyboard. You can then change the category and priority.

2 Methods of Removing To-Dos
TAP the trash button to delete all checked To-Dos. A confirmation message prevents accidental deletion. Use this when your list starts filling up with completed tasks.


SWIPE across a To-Do to enable manual deletion. TAP the “Delete” button that appears next to each To-Do to remove exactly what you want.

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