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Ant Attack

iPhone / iPad
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  • Arcade
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Ant Attack brings you to the forefront of the battle against the worlds bugs!

All that you want to do is to have an innocent picnic, but the smell of food is just too much for the nearby ant nests to resist! Wave after wave of ants come to try and eat your food. Stop them by squishing them with your finger!

Advanced Ant-Combatant technology has been developed for your use - merely drag them onto the screen to purchase them!

-9 enemy types
-5 traps to purchase
-3 levels in each of 2 different game modes
-Classic NES/Arcade style graphics and audio

What are you waiting for? There has never been a better time to buy Ant Attack - ever!


"I wish I was in this one too!" -Theodore Quentin III

Stephen Gazzard - Original Concept, Programming, Level Design
Josiah Tobin: Graphics, Music and SFX, Design Support

Built with the cocos2D Engine
Ant Attack is Scoreloop enabled!

From the Developers:

We have worked really hard at this game and it feels great to know that people are now able to play it and enjoy it. It will be a great experience to have people playing it and hear what they think (in fact, we encourage as much feedback as possible - you can come post in our forums at

This game was developed by Stephen and Josiah between May and October between other projects and summer vacations. We have really been going at it hard the past little while to finally get it in people's hands, and it has felt great watching our ideas come to life. We both have a strong passion for games, thanks to being raised on classic games on the Nintendo, SNES, and Genesis. We felt it was appropriate, now that we are able to contribute to this industry, to give a little kickback to the old days. Josiah has a talent for classic pixel art and chiptunes (NES/classic 8 bit music), and we feel that this really added to the arcadey feel of the game.

We invite you to come and enjoy our game with us. If you enjoy it, we hope you'll check out our other games (currently just Castle Conflict, but with many others constantly in the works between the two of us), as well as Josiah's music (Bit Rat for Chiptunes, Swimfail for more rock/metal influenced music).

We thank you for playing our game, and hope you have as much fun as we do!