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Units - The Unit Converter

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Units is the unit converter with a unique user interface. The applications supports over 270 units across 18 categories.

We wanted to create an elegant application with a simple user interface that hides the visual complexity you'll find in a typical unit converter application. We believe we achieved the goal with this application packing the features you'll need in an elegant user interface.


The Units application has a unique user interface. There are three simple things you'll need to know to use the app effectively. We are sure the application is intuitive enough, but just in case...

* Slide the Unit Categories horizontally in the middle to select a category. You can then slide the units above and below the category to choose the specific units you want to convert from and to.

* Tap the boxes (top and bottom) to enter unit values. Tapping these boxes will reveal the keypad

* You can modify the list of categories and units you want to display in the main screen under the settings section

That's it. You now know how to use the app. There are additional things that'll make you an expert user. Here are additional tips.

* All the categories and units are ordered alphabetically.
* If you want to get the reverse conversion value (like USD to EUR as well as EUR to USD), just turn the phone around.
* Currency values are automatically updated every time you open the app. You can disable this option in the info screen
* You can manually update currency values using the refresh button under Settings > Currency screen
* You can enable/disable audio in the info screen

There we go. You are now the expert of the application. If you like the app, please recommend it to your friends. If you have any feedback, please emails us at


The application supports over 270 units across these18 categories.

* Acceleration
* Angular Velocity
* Area
* Bits & Bytes
* Currency (89 Currencies)
* Energy
* Force
* Frequency
* Length
* Power
* Pressure
* Speed
* Temperature
* Time
* Torque
* Volume
* Volumetric Flow
* Weight


If you like the app, please drop us a review. If you have any feedback/suggestions/issues, please email us at You can also email us directly from the application's info screen.

Thank you for your interest.