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A History of the United States

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As histories, this book has some constructive features.
First, the authors have written a topical, not a narrative, history. The authors have tried to set forth the important aspects, problems, and movements of each period, bringing in the narrative rather by way of illustration.

Second. The authors have emphasized those historical topics which help to explain how our nation has come to be what it is to-day.

Third, the authors have dwelt fully upon the social and economic aspects of our history, especially in relation to the politics of each period.

Fourth, the authors have treated the causes and results of wars, the problems of financing and sustaining armed forces, rather than military strategy. These are the subjects which belong to a history for civilians. These are matters which civilians can understand—matters which they must understand, if they are to play well their part in war and peace.

Fifth, by omitting the period of exploration, the authors have been able to enlarge the treatment of our own time. The authors have given special attention to the history of those current questions which must form the subject matter of sound instruction in citizenship.

Sixth, the authors have borne in mind that America, with all her unique characteristics, is a part of a general civilization. Accordingly the authors have given diplomacy, foreign affairs, world relations, and the reciprocal influences of nations their appropriate place.

Seventh, the authors have deliberately aimed at standards of maturity. The study of a mere narrative calls mainly for the use of the memory.

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