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Air: An Environmental Quiz Deck

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  • Education
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Air is good: it's all that stands between us and outer space. This deck of 48 questions and answers explores our atmosphere with wide-ranging inquiries and casually erudite answers. Where is the planet's cleanest and dirtiest air found? Why do divers get the bends? Do volcanoes warm the atmosphere or cool it? What really made the Hindenburg explode? Is it possible to breathe a liquid? What are the cleanest and dirtiest vehicle engines? Can you name the atmosphere's layers? How much air do we breathe in a day? With a question on the front and the answer on the back, the quiz addresses global warming, the Kyoto Protocol, CFCs and the ozone layer, and cow digestion. An engaging test of multiple players' knowledge, these cards are equally satisfying as a good, solitary read.