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God Knows

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As lightning strikes, you’re fortune as well as your fate can be foreseen~!!

“Aren’t you curious about your fortune today?”
By entering your name, birth date and the time of your birth, your fortune and misfortune’s colors, numbers, directions, money, relationship and other specific topics can be foreseen with the “God Knows” application.

“Your zodiac and lunar calendar information can be now verified.” From the 12 zodiacs, you can find out the animal that you belong to, find out your disposition and by entering your birthday, your birthday in the lunar calendar and information relating to the lunar calendar can be read.

“Your fortune can change with a variety of sections”
My zodiac: Find out what zodiac you belong to and also verify your disposition of your zodiac with your birthday in the lunar calendar.
Colors: Your fortune and misfortune colors can be found. Wearing your lucky colors will create good fortune when you go out.
Numbers: From 1-9, as much as the designated number, you will be able to find your lucky number. After drawing the number, it can be used in important situations.
Directions: Which direction will lead me to a good fortune today or which direction should be avoided to prevent bad luck from happening.
Relationship: By breaking a cookie with your finger, our relationship can be viewed with others. Most up to 4 people can be verified.
Advice: Your advice today can be verified with one word..
Today luck: You can verify your changing luck daily.