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History of Western and Chinese Pharmacy

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History of Western and Chinese Pharmacy
Topic included:
In the Western World
The Ancient Time
The Modern Pharmaceutical Practise
In the Chinese World
The Chinese Practise
Shen Nung Tried All The Herbs
The Han Dynasty
The Five Centers and "Yin" "Yang"
The Seven Emotions And Six Disease-Causing Factors
The Modern China

The functions of living beings are described in terms of the following five centers of the body:
1. 'heart' or 'mind' (hsin)(¤ß); this refers to the 'command center' of the body, which manifests itself as consciousness and intelligence;
2. 'liver' (kan)(¨x); this term includes the limbs and trunk, the mechanism for emotional response to the external environment, and the action of organs;
3. 'spleen' (p'i)(µÊ); this organ system regulates the distribution of nutrition throughout the body, and the metabolism, bringing strength and vigor to the physical body;
4. 'lungs' or 'respiratory system' (fei) (ªÍ); this system regulates various intrinsic functions of the body, and maintains cybernetic balance;
5. 'kidneys' (shen)(µÇ); this refers to the system for regulating the storage of nutrition and the use of energy; the human life force depends on this system. This theory is used to describe the system of body functions, and as a whole is referred to as the 'latent phenomena' (ts'ang hsiang).