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Luck Meter

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
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Luck Meter is an app that measures the luck at any point in time and space (assuming your iPhone or Touch can get there).

This is a purely scientific utility, relying on proven mathematical techniques. It rolls a die a thousand times a second to determine if your luck is out of balance. You can now independently verify if your Feng Shui is working, if you threw enough salt over your shoulder, did the black cat really cross your path, and just how bad your luck will be for seven years after breaking that mirror.

It updates the display ten times a second for fast and accurate readings. It also displays a running chart of the luck value readings, as well as a running chart of the luck tendencies. Finally, it displays the total luck in easy-to-read digits.

A "calibration" feature allows you to skew the results. Tap the left clover to lower the luck readings, and the right clover to raise them. Repeated taps increase or decrease the amount of skew. This should not be used to convince someone that their luck is not normal; that would be so mean!

Warning: This app will not actually modify any existing luck you may or may not have. Do not throw this app over your shoulder.

Note: It is doubtful that a casino would appreciate using this near their slot machines. :)