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igreen project

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Won’t you increase the greenery in the world? With iPhone you can plant green saplings in the desert areas around the world.

▽igreen is an application program for iPhone which is participating in tree-planting activities around the world through Japan’s NGO/NPO(NonGovermental Organaizations/NonProfit Organization) which have proven track records.
We are aiming to use your support each month in order to make the world greener.

 For example,
 ・Your support will enable the desert regions of the Silk Road to be made greener.
 ・You can support people’s livelihoods and contribute to environmental conservation in parts of Africa where people are starving.
 ・You can plant eucalyptus saplings in the desert of Western Australia.
 ・You can protect the vanishing Amazon rainforests.

▽You can plant green saplings through activities which you select in seven locations throughout the world.
 ・Africa (Republic of Chad, Tanzania), Australia, Thailand, Nepal (Himalayas), China, Amazon

▽What we can do with igreen
・30¢ enables you to plant one sapling in one of the countries where tree-planting activities are being carried out.
・$5 enables you to participate in a project to rejuvenate approximately 1 square meter of the soil in the Amazon region.
・$65 enables you to turn 667 square meters of the desert region in China (Silk Road) into greenery.
・$1 enables you to plant three saplings, and $10 to plant 30 saplings, on Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Regarding the use of your support

Your support which we collect is donated to your selected NPO/NGO and used for tree-planting activities.
igreen is managed through the cooperation of a supporting corporation.
With the exception of credit card commission, your entire donation is used for tree-planting activities through a supporting organization.
activities support・・・90%
credit card commission・・・10%

Points of concern

・If a contract concluded with a cooperating organization is canceled while a service is being provided (※1), the support collected up until then will be distributed proportionally to another registered organization.
・Regarding the possibility of a stoppage of a service, we are aiming to provide ongoing support for environmental activities throughout the world, however it may sometimes be unavoidably necessary to stop the service due to the financial situation of the company that operates the service. Support collected up until the service is stopped will be donated to the cooperating organization without fail.
・Please note in advance that we cannot accede to a request to issue a receipt.
・The amount of donation may differ with effect from currency
・For details please look at igreen web page
  Regarding the relationship with the cooperating organization, cooperation may sometimes be withdrawn even during the period of the service when it is judged that the use of the support is unclear, for example.