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Smart Contact - QR read/write,Image Resize&Crop&sendMail,GPS-mapMail,Bluetooth data exchange

iPhone / iPad
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The reading function of the QR code improved.
Only scan QR codes, then it is possible to detect automatically.
Cell phone and the address exchange by the QR code, WEB access by the QR code, Send photo editing for cell phones
Immediately sent to GPS in place, Favorite spot sent to MAP instantly, Photos exchange by the Bluetooth

[QR code reading]
- Only scan QR codes, then it is possible to detect automatically. (It is also possible to expand after the camera shoot according to the current.)
- QR code reading and e-mail address etc. can be registered to Contacts.
- QR code reading, such as magazines, can be accessed to WEB. (Auto-save and history)
- QR code reading, you can copy & paste text.

[QR code creation]
- The information in your address book and of QR code can be displayed on the screen.
- Information input to the form is generated in the QR code, and can be displayed on the screen.
*) Unnecessary information is freely selectable by removing the check.
*) QR code can be saved to create photo albums.
- QR codes can be viewed larger.

[Photo editing tool for cell phones and e-mail attachments]
- Select images from the photo albums or camera images
Image size for cell phones (*1 〜 *3) can be changed.
- Crop can be processed.
- The edited images can be sent with e-mail attachment immediately.
- You can send e-mail without having to resize your photos.

*1) Specified size is 320x240, 400x240, 640x480, 800x480, 854x480, 1600x1200, 2048x1536.
*2) The image of a different aspect will be cut.
*3) The image of aspects that do not support can not be resized.

[Check the current position, and MAP sends favorite spot]
- Get your location, and you can send e-mail as soon as an image map.
- Move the map, and you can send e-mail your favorite spot map images immediately.
- Location information (GPS information), but some errors occur, MAP can be adjusted by dragging the screen fine.
- MAP images can be stored in Photo Albums.

[Bluetooth image exchange]
- Photos in Photo Albums can be exchanged with other iPhone by the Bluetooth.
*) This software is required to transmit and receive sides.

Problems and opinions, please contact the following e-mail address.

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