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Yoga Breath - Pranayama

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BREATH - Secret to Longevity, Wellness and Endurance

In Yoga breath is the link between the Body and the Mind. Breath is not only critical for our survival but vital for energy, metabolism, detoxification, and immunity. Slow and deep breathing is key to longevity as seen from the animal word. Tortoise breathing at 4 breaths/min lives up to 200-300 years, rabbits breathing at 42 breaths/min lives to 14 years, and humans with 16 breaths/min live on average up to 100. Prana in Sanskrit means Life or Breath, and Pranayama is the Art of Breath Control. It is also key to awakening the body’s energy centers or Chakaras. Regular 10 minute practice of Pranayama or breath control will enhance health, mental equilibrium, physical & sexual endurance.


With the increased stress, toxicity in our environment, and lack of green spaces maintaing a healthy body and mind has become an increasingly difficult proposition. Pranayama achieves this by physically healing the body, and clearing the mind. By learning the techniques of Pranayama an individual can slow down to 8 or 4 full breaths per minute increasing their longevity. Besides they will get a lustrous glow to their face & skin, increase their mental ability, improve digestion and can become disease free. Disease are prevented due to decreased toxins and free radicals in blood, tissue, and joints plus the high degree of oxygenation of body's ecosystem. Breath links the physical with the mental via breath regulation for life equilibrium."


Learning breath control can benefit everybody. For Yogis it will lead to deeper and longer asana without losing to fatigue caused by poor breath regulation. For athletes it gives them efficiency and control in bodies energy regulation. Ordinary individuals can see immediate increase in endurance and calmness from Pranayama. People who are recuperating can heal their bodies faster by deep oxygenation from Pranayama.


Numerous modern medical experiments have shown a significant calming activity of the central nervous systems, efficient metabolism, blood circulation and immune response due to Pranayama. This is consistent with ancient medical Ayurvedic texts such as Caraka Smithi were breath control along with Yoga was an integral part of healthy living, and rehabilitation.


All 8 main techniques covered in depth with a practice guide.
Clean sketches illustrate the poses clearly.
Step by step direction for each pose, and precautions.
Users can pick individual pose on benefits, and their needs.
Digital practice guide with easily adjustable timers for a disciplined learning.
Beautiful natural landscape pictures for focussing the user.
Choice of audio cues for use as start, stop, warmup and interval periods.


Pranayama [AT] vadikliving [dot] net